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Vinyl Sign and Custom Vinyl Decor Available

We offer vinyl wall graphics to compliment your decorating expertise. You can find ready to purchase designs which can be applied as a group or you can cut the group to fit your project. We can also take your design and provide you with a custom vinyl graphic set. All you need to do is to contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.

We can offer vinyl in various colors for indoor, removable use and also outdoor vinyl for your vinyl sign projects, boat registration numbers and names plus any many others uses.

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Your Source For Metal Brackets

If you need a single metal bracket or many, a one time order or reoccurring orders, we can plasma cut your brackets to your specifications. All you need to do in order to get your free, no obligation quote is to contact us today.

CAD Drawing Sample
Sample CAD Drawing

You can save costs by providing us with a CAD drawing or you can let us know the details and we can draw it for you – It is that easy!

Leave the rest to us. We will provide you with your brackets which will be free of cutting dross and have an initial lightly sanded surface ready for you to weld or final prep and finish as you desire.

Later, if you would like, you can reorder the same bracket as we can store your part data off-site which allows us to provide you with the same bracket. We can modify your original part as a new version if your application requires it. Again – It’s that easy!

We can also work through non-disclosure agreements.

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    Welcome to PawDell Craft Shop

    Welcome to our shop of plasma cut products. Our shop can offer items which are pre-made and ready to ship out quickly and also offer custom plasma cut steel brackets to your specifications – whether it is a single piece or many parts – we can help with designing your part or you can simply provide a CAD drawing. See something on here that you like, but want it modified? Let us know and we can offer a free quote. A hand-sketched drawing on a napkin is also a great place to start.

    • Custom Lake Escape Sign
      Custom Lake Escape Sign


    We stock mild steel in 16 gauge (approximately the thickness of a USD dime), 14 gauge (approximately the thickness of a USD nickel), 11 gauge (approximately 1/8 of an inch thick and 1/4 inch. We also stock a small amount of 1/2 inch steel. Other material stocked includes 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. We can order in other material for your needs as we have access to multiple vendors to help fill your order.


    Please feel free to Contact Us with your ideas for a free, no obligation, quote.


    Thank you…